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Registration Tips

Registration Details:

1. After your paper or abstract accepted, WCMSE 2021 will send you the registration guideline with all details. And if you have any other inquiries, please feel free to contact the conference secretary (wcmseconf@163.com).

2. Author registration fee: publication fee (cover a paper within 10 pages), 15 minutes presentation time, lunch, dinner and two coffee breaks on August 28, 2021, etc.

3. Presenter registration fee: 15 minutes presentation time, lunch, dinner and two coffee breaks on August 28, 2021, etc.

4. Listener registration fee: conference attendance, lunch, dinner and two coffee breaks on August 28, 2021, etc. If you'd like to attend the conference only, welcome you to register as a listener. Please contact with us about listener registration (Email: wcmseconf@163.com).

5. The paper is limited within 10 pages, and additional page will be possible but will be charged for additional fee.

6. One registration allows only 1 participant to attend the conference. If co-author or family member would like to attend the conference, please register as the listener. About the listener registration, please feel free to contact wcmseconf@163.com

7. Additional paper registration requires that two papers have the same FIRST authors.

8. The early bird registration is before April 25, 2021.

9. Referring to pervasive travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 outbreak in the worldwide, after careful consideration, WCMSE 2021 decided to provide participants a new presentation platform: Virtual Presentation. If you cannot attend the in-person meeting due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), welcome you to make the virtual presentation. The virtual parallel session will be arranged in the afternoon of August 28, 2021. For more details, please inquiry with conference secretary: wcmseconf@163.com


Exclusion of Liability

The Conference Organizer will not be held responsible for participants' failure to attend the conference directly or indirectly occasioned by visa application deny, riots, diseases or any conditions beyond the control of the Conference Organizer. And thus, the conference registration fee cannot be refunded.


Cancellation Policy:

1. 70% refund for cancellations received before and on July 25, 2021; an administrative fee of 30% registration fee will be applied.

2. NO REFUNDS for cancellation after July 25, 2021.


Conference Site Safety Policy:

In the consideration of the personal and property security belonging to conference participants, please be sure to take the attendance cards during the conference. Unauthorized persons are not permitted to enter the venue. The conference organizers won't accept liability for personal injuries, or for loss or damage of property belonging to conference participants.